All prices are subject to change without notice.

Martini $6.45

gin, vermouth, lemon twist

Long island ice tea $6.45

vodka, tequila, rum, gin, coke

Cosmo $6.45

vodka, triple sec, lime juice, cranberry juice

Sex on the beach $6.45

vodka, reach schnapps, orange & cranberry juices.

Craft $7.25 - $21.99

16oz $7.25, 20oz $7.99, pitcher $21.99

Domestic $6.25 - $21.99

16oz $6.25, 20oz $6.99, pitcher $19.99

Premium $6.75 - $20.99

16oz $6.75, 20oz $7.55, pitcher $20.99

Spanish coffee $6.59

brandy, amaretto

Bigg's coffee $6.59

amaretto, triple sec

Cafe amore $6.59

cognac, amaretto

Eskimo kiss coffee $6.59

kahlua, bailey’s, creme de cacao

Blak gold coffee $6.59

triple sec, amaretto, frangelico, bailey’s

Blueberry tea $6.59

grand marnier, amaretto

B-52 coffee $6.59

bailey’s, kahlua, grand marnier

Coconut chocolate $6.79

coconut rum

Hot mint chocolate $6.79

mint schnapps

Hand warmer $6.79


Malibu famous $6.95

malibu coconut rum and tropical fruit juice topped with a splash of southern confort.

Sunset passion colada $6.25

classic frozen bacardi rum pina colada topped with a taste of strawberry.

Strawberry daquiri $6.25

a frozen combination of bacardi rum and tropical sweet blended strawberries.

Classic pina colada $6.25

made with frozen blend of tropical coconut fruit mixed with coconut rum.

Lime margarita $6.25

a frozen combination of gold taquila and blended margarita.

Strawberry mango daiquiri $7.25

frozen combination of bacardi rum and tropical mango swirled and topped with sweet blended strawberries.

Bigg's favourite $4.50

mango, strawberry, banana.

Shirley temple $2.99

orange juice, 7up, cranberry juice and granadine

Sunset strawberry $4.50

banana,pina colada.

More selection $3.99

strawberry daiquiri, lime margarita, mango tango, virgin ceaser